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The dopamine system has been linked to anhedonia in depression and both the positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia, but it remains unclear how dopamine dysfunction could mechanistically relate to observed symptoms. There is considerable evidence that phasic dopamine signals encode prediction error (differences between expected and actual outcomes),(More)
In this paper we describe a body of work aimed at extending the reach of mobile navigation and mapping. We describe how running topological and metric mapping and pose estimation processes concurrently , using vision and laser ranging, has produced a full six-degree-of-freedom outdoor navigation system. It is capable of producing intricate three-dimensional(More)
OBJECTIVE First, the objective was to test the hypothesis that prefrontal cortical regions most often reported to be maximally abnormal in studies of major depressive disorder, correspond to those regions reported maximally active when healthy subjects engage in diverse emotional tasks. Second, the objective was to determine whether such regions are(More)
Substantial experimental evidence supports the theory that the dopaminergic system codes a phasic (short duration) signal predicting the delivery of primary reinforcers, such as water when thirsty, during Pavlovian learning. This signal is described by the temporal difference (TD) model. Recently, it has been suggested that the human dopaminergic system(More)
Locating the protein-coding genes in novel genomes is essential to understanding and exploiting the genomic information but it is still difficult to accurately predict all the genes. The recent availability of detailed information about transcript structure from high-throughput sequencing of messenger RNA (RNA-Seq) delineates many expressed genes and(More)
  • Victoria B. Gradin, Gordon Waiter, Poornima Kumar, Catriona Stickle, Maarten Milders, Keith Matthews +3 others
  • 2012
Social exclusion is an influential concept in politics, mental health and social psychology. Studies on healthy subjects have implicated the medial prefrontal cortex (mPFC), a region involved in emotional and social information processing, in neural responses to social exclusion. Impairments in social interactions are common in schizophrenia and are(More)
We briefly review the advances in driver assistance systems and present a real-time version that integrates single view detection with region-based 3D tracking of traffic signs. The system has a typical pipeline: detection and recognition of traffic signs in independent frames, followed by tracking for temporal integration. The detection process finds an(More)
—Fine-grained classification is a relatively new field that has concentrated on using information from a single image, while ignoring the enormous potential of using video data to improve classification. In this work we present the novel task of video-based fine-grained object classification, propose a corresponding new video dataset, and perform a(More)
Since passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by President Barrack Obama, little is known about state-level perceptions of residents on the ACA. Perceptions about the act could potentially affect implementation of the law to the fullest extent. This 3-year survey study explored attitudes about the ACA, the types of information sources(More)