Ian Reay

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Trust is at once an elusive, imprecise concept, and a critical attribute that must be engineered into e-commerce systems. Trust conveys a vast number of meanings, and is deeply dependent upon context. The literature on engineering trust into e-commerce systems reflects these ambiguous meanings; there are a large number of articles, but there is as yet no(More)
Numerous studies over the past ten years have shown that concern for personal privacy is a major impediment to the growth of e-commerce. These concerns are so serious that most if not all consumer watchdog groups have called for some form of privacy protection for Internet users. In response, many nations around the world, including all European Union(More)
Numerous countries around the world have enacted privacy-protection legislation, in an effort to protect their citizens and instill confidence in the valuable business-to-consumer E-commerce industry. These laws will be most effective if and when they establish a standard of practice that consumers can use as a guideline for the future behavior of(More)
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