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Determining the position of breaks in a sentence is a key task for a text-to-speech system. A synthesized sentence containing incorrect breaks at best requires increased listening effort, and at worst, may have lower intelligibility and different semantics from a correctly phrased sentence. In addition, the position of breaks must be known before other(More)
We describe the characterization of the temperature and strain responses of fiber Bragg grating sensors by use of an interferometric interrogation technique to provide an absolute measurement of the grating wavelength. The fiber Bragg grating temperature response was found to be nonlinear over the temperature range -70 degrees C to 80 degrees C. The(More)
A systematic determination of electronic coupling matrix elements in U-shaped molecules is demonstrated. The unique architecture of these systems allows for the determination of the electronic coupling through a pendant molecular moiety that resides between the donor and acceptor groups; this moiety quantifies the efficiency of electron tunneling through(More)
ikahashi Kripke 73 ellerup and Ε. T. Mellerup 81 okac 87 1 Cell division cycles and circadian oscillators in Euglena Rhythmic circumnutation movement of the shoots in Phaseolus vulgaris L. Rhythms of locomotion and oxygen consumption in the estuarine amphipod Corophium volutator (Crustacea: Amphipoda) Role of autonomic nervous system in the time-dependent(More)
  • Ian Read
  • 2012
Tetanus and other widespread endemic diseases of Brazil's early national period speak to intimate details of common life and give clues to big, vexing questions, such as why Brazil's population expanded dramatically at the turn of the twentieth century. Tetanus was for a long time one of Brazil's deadliest afflictions, especially among infants, but(More)
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