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Keyword search (KWS) over relational databases has recently received significant attention. Many solutions and many prototypes have been developed. This task requires addressing many issues, including robustness, accuracy, reliability, and privacy. An emerging issue, however, appears to be performance related: current KWS systems have unpredictable running(More)
F1 is a distributed relational database system built at Google to support the AdWords business. F1 is a hybrid database that combines high availability, the scalability of NoSQL systems like Bigtable, and the consistency and us-ability of traditional SQL databases. F1 is built on Spanner , which provides synchronous cross-datacenter replica-tion and strong(More)
Administrators of today's networks are highly interested in monitoring traffic for purposes of collecting statistics, detecting intrusions, and providing forensic evidence. Unfortunately, network size and complexity can make this a daunting task. Aside from the problems in analyzing network traffic for this information—an extremely difficult task itself—a(More)
We introduce a protocol for schema evolution in a globally distributed database management system with shared data, stateless servers, and no global membership. Our protocol is asynchronous—it allows different servers in the database system to transition to a new schema at different times—and online—all servers can access and update all data during a schema(More)
Keyword search (KWS) over relational data, where the answers are multiple tuples connected via joins, has received significant attention in the past decade. Numerous solutions have been proposed and many prototypes have been developed. Building on this rapid progress and on growing user needs, recently several RDBMS and Web companies as well as academic(More)
IceCube is a one-gigaton instrument located at the geographic South Pole, designed to detect cosmic neutrinos, identify the particle nature of dark matter, and study high-energy neutrinos themselves. Simulation of the IceCube detector and processing of data require a significant amount of computational resources. This paper presents the first detailed(More)
Database services in the cloud (DBaaS) allow users to convert the fixed costs of deploying and maintaining a database system to variable costs that are incurred in a pay-as-you-go manner. Considerable research focus has been given to the cost of the elasticity (of performance) and reliability of a DBaaS. This is because in the cloud, users are able to(More)
Every major open-source and commercial RDBMS offers some form of support for full-text search using inverted indexes. When providing this support, some developers have implemented specialized indexes that adapt techniques from the Information Retrieval (IR) community to work in a database setting, while others have opted to rely on the standard relational(More)
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