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Keyword search (KWS) over relational databases has recently received significant attention. Many solutions and many prototypes have been developed. This task requires addressing many issues, including robustness, accuracy, reliability, and privacy. An emerging issue, however, appears to be performance related: current KWS systems have unpredictable running(More)
F1 is a distributed relational database system built at Google to support the AdWords business. F1 is a hybrid database that combines high availability, the scalability of NoSQL systems like Bigtable, and the consistency and us-ability of traditional SQL databases. F1 is built on Spanner , which provides synchronous cross-datacenter replica-tion and strong(More)
Administrators of today's networks are highly interested in monitoring traffic for purposes of collecting statistics, detecting intrusions, and providing forensic evidence. Unfortunately, network size and complexity can make this a daunting task. Aside from the problems in analyzing network traffic for this information—an extremely difficult task itself—a(More)
We introduce a protocol for schema evolution in a globally distributed database management system with shared data, stateless servers, and no global membership. Our protocol is asynchronous—it allows different servers in the database system to transition to a new schema at different times—and online—all servers can access and update all data during a schema(More)
Magnetospheric substorms explosively release solar wind energy previously stored in Earth's magnetotail, encompassing the entire magnetosphere and producing spectacular auroral displays. It has been unclear whether a substorm is triggered by a disruption of the electrical current flowing across the near-Earth magnetotail, at approximately 10 R(E) (R(E):(More)
Observations from the EISCAT VHF incoherent scatter radar system in northern Norway, during a run of the common programme CP-4, reveal a series of poleward-propagating F-region electron density enhancements in the pre-noon sector on 23 November 1999. These plasma density features, which are observed under conditions of a strongly southward interplanetary(More)
[1] We present an interval of extremely long-lasting narrow-band Pc5 pulsations during the recovery phase of a large geomagnetic storm. These pulsations occurred continuously for many hours and were observed throughout the magnetosphere and in the dusk-sector ionosphere. The subject of this paper is the favorable radial alignment of the Cluster, Polar, and(More)
Keyword search (KWS) over relational data, where the answers are multiple tuples connected via joins, has received significant attention in the past decade. Numerous solutions have been proposed and many prototypes have been developed. Building on this rapid progress and on growing user needs, recently several RDBMS and Web companies as well as academic(More)