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1. Northern Ontario and the forest industry
Rough Work: Labourers on the Public Works of British North America and Canada, 1841–1882 by Ruth Bleasdale (review)
with Sangster’s assertion that colonialism is “a lived experience of domination, negotiation, and resistance – and a profoundly gendered one at that” (5). Indeed, the last thirty years of literaryExpand
Collective Rights, Liberal Discourse, and Public Order: The Clash over Catholic Processions in Mid-Victorian Toronto
Two occasions when Protestants attacked Roman Catholic religious processions in Victorian Toronto – the 1864 Corpus Christi celebrations and the Jubilee Riots of 1875 – provide opportunities forExpand
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Motley Crowds and Splendid Assemblies: Press Depictions of Election Culture in Mid-Victorian Toronto
Abstract:This article explores how local newspapers depicted the election culture of parliamentary campaigns in mid-Victorian Toronto. Here "election culture" refers to the practices, performances,Expand
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Playful Crowds and the 1886 Toronto Street Railway Strikes
Two linked Toronto strikes of street railway employees in 1886 are used to explore contrasting patterns of behaviour or “contentious performances” in Victorian city streets. Strikers led by theExpand
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3. Bush work, 1900-1945
8. Royal Tourist