Ian R. Shaw

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Development of a detector case for complete co-registration of images in a non-fiber-based combined near-infrared spectral tomography and digital breast tomosynthesis, required analysis to find materials that could support a breast under full mammographic compression without affecting the x-ray images or the quality of the near infrared measurements.(More)
Treatment of Zn(II) and Cd(II) hydroxide complexes of the tris(2-pyridylmethyl)amine (TPA) ligand with COS or CS2 in protic solvents (MeOH or EtOH) resulted in [(TPA)Zn–SC(S)OCH3]ClO4 (1), [(TPA)Zn– SC(O)OCH3]BF4 (2), [(TPA)Zn–SC(O)OCH3]ClO4 (3), [(TPA)Zn–SC(O)OCH2CH3]BF4 (4), [(TPA)Cd– SC(S)OCH3]ClO4 (5) and [(TPA)Cd–SC(O)OCH3]ClO4 (6). The molecular(More)
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