Ian R. McChesney

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In this paper we report on the investigation, description and analysis of communication and coordination practices in software engineering projects. We argue that existing models of the software process do not adequately address the situated, day-today practices in which software engineers collectively engage, yet it is through these practices that(More)
In the software engineering industry the technique of pair programming can be used as a means of enhancing programmer productivity and the quality of the software development process. Pair programming has also been used in computer science education as a mechanism to address some of the educational challenges faced by students learning to program. An action(More)
This paper examines the trade-off between the utility of outputs from simplified functional sizing approaches, and the effort required by these sizing approaches, through a pilot study. The goal of this pilot study was to evaluate the quality of sizing output provided by NESMA’s simplified size estimation methods, adapt their general principles to enhance(More)
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