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Previous studies of the avian reovirus strain S1133 (ARV-S1133) S1 genome segment revealed that the open reading frame (ORF) encoding the final sigmaC viral cell attachment protein initiates over 600 nucleotides distal from the 5' end of the S1 mRNA and is preceded by two predicted small nonoverlapping ORFs. To more clearly define the translational(More)
Transposable elements (TEs), or trans-posons, form a major fraction of the eukary-otic genome (Kidwell and Lisch 2001). Dismissed for some time as junk DNA, these repetitive sequences are now recognized for their diverse evolutionary roles. In this issue of Genome Research, Bao and Eddy (2002) describe a software tool (RECON) for de novo annotation of(More)
In this paper the authors present the RealityGrid PDA and Smartphone Clients: two novel and highly effective handheld user interface applications, which have been created purposefully to deliver (as a convenience tool) flexible and readily available 'around the clock' user access to scientific applications running on the Grid. A discussion is provided(More)
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