Ian R. Crute

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Although food prices in major world markets are at or near a historical low, there is increasing concern about food security-the ability of the world to provide healthy and environmentally sustainable diets for all its peoples. This article is an introduction to a collection of reviews whose authors were asked to explore the major drivers affecting the food(More)
Increasing concerns about global environmental change and food security have focused attention on the need for environmentally sustainable agriculture. This is agriculture that makes efficient use of natural resources and does not degrade the environmental systems that underpin it, or deplete natural capital stocks. We convened a group of 29 'practitioners'(More)
Lettuce downy mildew caused by Bremia lactucae is the most important disease of lettuce worldwide. Breeding for resistance to this disease is a major priority for most lettuce breeding programs. Many genes and factors for resistance to B. lactucae have been reported by multiple researchers over the past ~50 years. Their nomenclature has not been(More)
Steve McKevitt and Tony Ryan: Project Sunshine – how science can use the sun to fuel and feed the world Agriculture is a human activity that involves the purposeful management of land in order to convert solar energy into chemical energy and provide a range of requirements, most notably food, but also fibre, fuel, dyes and drugs. In their ambitious book, "(More)
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