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OBJECTIVES Intestinal metaplasia (IM) and dysplasia in Barrett's esophagus are recognized surrogates for esophageal adenocarcinoma risk. While few would argue with the "hunt for dysplasia," there is a divide regarding the usefulness of the histological confirmation of intestinal metaplasia in endoscopically apparent long segment Barrett's esophagus. We(More)
Barrett's metaplasia (BM) is an early lesion in the progression from oesophageal inflammation through dysplasia to the development of Barrett's adenocarcinoma (BA). Previous work indicates that BM and BA are associated with reduced E-cadherin expression and increased cytoplasmic/nuclear pools of its associated protein beta-catenin. beta-catenin participates(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine the effect of one bout of low-intensity exercise on the lipemic response to a high-fat meal. Twelve (six women, six men) normolipidemic adults aged 25.8 +/- 1.2 years (mean +/- SEM) took part in two trials. In the exercise trial, subjects walked for 2 hours on a treadmill at 30.9% +/- 1.6% of maximal oxygen uptake(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine whether higher concentrations of magnesium in drinking water supplies are associated with lower mortality from acute myocardial infarction at a small area geographical level; to examine if the association is modified by age, sex, and socioeconomic deprivation. DESIGN Small area geographical study using 13,794 census enumeration(More)
Using a budget-based approach to measuring affordability, this issue brief explores whether the subsidies available through the Affordable Care Act are enough to make health insurance affordable for low-income families. Drawing from the Consumer Expenditure Survey, the authors assess how much "room" people have in their budget, after paying for other(More)
This paper explores the importance of a focus on the fundamental goals of resilience and adaptive capacity in the governance of uncertain fishery systems, particularly in the context of climate change. Climate change interacts strongly with fishery systems, and adds to the inherent uncertainty in those complex, interlinked systems. The reality of these(More)
Bowel cancer is common and a major cause of death. The NHS is currently rolling out a national bowel cancer screening programme that aims to cover the entire population by 2010. The programme will be based on the Faecal Occult Blood test (FOBt) that reduces mortality from colon cancer by 16%. However, FOB testing has a relatively low positive predictive(More)
Chemicals at the present time are the only means of controlling pest damage to crops on economic, efficient, and compatible grounds. Timely application, particularly over large areas or inaccessible areas, requires aircraft to apply them. Aerial agriculture is an essential industry, and growing in worldwide use. It is being used more and more in areas of(More)