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The Workers' Movement
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Social Representations of Intelligence
List of tables Preface Acknowledgements 1. From intelligence to its social representations 2. Research methodology 2. The dimensions of intelligence: results of the factor analysis 4. TheExpand
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An expanding sexual economy along National Route 3 in Luang Namtha Province, Lao PDR
With some of the lowest development indicators in Southeast Asia, remote upland areas of the Lao People's Democratic Republic are among the poorest in the region. The advent of improved transport andExpand
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Guernica and Total War
One of the most terrible ideas of the 20th century was that of total war - war by the obliteration of whole civilian populations. The first and in many ways the most striking use of this came exactlyExpand
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Writing on Other Fronts: Translation and John Rodker
Translation occupies a rather odd position in modernist culture. Sometimes it seems to be central to a writer's development or to the achievement of a poetic voice, occurring either as a private actExpand
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The Theory of the Four Movements
Introduction Principal events in Fourier's life Brief note on further reading (in English) Translator's introduction Theory of the four movements and of the general destinies 1808 Introduction First part Second part Third part Omitted chapter A Advice to the civilised 1818 Introduction. Expand
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The movement of the Free Spirit : general considerations and firsthand testimony concerning some brief flowerings of life in the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and, incidentally, our own time
This book by the legendary Situationist activist and author of The Revolution of Everyday Life examines the heretical and millenarian movements that challenged social and ecclesiastical authority inExpand
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