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NIST special publication 800-50 outlines standards for the development and implementation of security awareness training by Wilson, M. and Hash, J. (2003). Recognizing that the "peoplefactor" is the weakest link, NIST recommends that all users of any information system be made aware of their roles and responsibilities in maintaining security by Wilson, M.(More)
The present investigation was designed to measure the self-report and tonic psychophysiological response to induced mood states of anxiety and depression. Sixty female participants were randomly assigned to one of three conditions: anxiety, depression, or neutral. Anxiety-inducing self-statements led to significant increases in tonic heart rate and to(More)
This paper introduces a new family of models of intensional Martin-Löf type theory. We use constructive ordered algebra in toposes. Identity types in the models are given by a notion of Moore path. By considering a particular gros topos, we show that there is such a model that is non-truncated, i.e. contains non-trivial structure at all dimensions. In other(More)
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