Ian O'Connell

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Summingbird is an open-source domain-specific language implemented in Scala and designed to integrate online and batch MapReduce computations in a single framework. Summingbird programs are written using dataflow abstractions such as sources, sinks, and stores, and can run on different execution platforms: Hadoop for batch processing (via(More)
Women with Turner's syndrome have a high incidence of cardiovascular complications, endocrine and hypertensive disorders. Those with the 45X chromosome complement require oocyte donation and in vitro fertilisation to conceive. Pregnancies in such women are challenging to manage due to the high risk of pregnancy-related hypertensive disorders, impaired(More)
In our research, we are interested in simulating realistic quadrupeds [2008]. Previous eye-tracking results have shown that faces are particularly salient for static images of animals and humans [2005; 2004]. To explore whether similar eye-movement patterns are found for dynamic scenes depicting animals, we displayed multiple 4-second (56 frame) grey-scale(More)
First Nations treaty negotiations and land-claim settlements require the valuation of large areas of land for diverse land uses, including usage which is difficult to quantify in absolute or monetary terms. The authors report an attempt to develop a methodology for seeking consensus on land values for the latter land-use activities, using Gestalt valuation.(More)
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