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INTRODUCTION I mproving health and well-being from the consideration of studies isolated from each other is problematic. Systematic reviews can address this problem and aid decision-making. A systematic review is a review of a clearly formulated question that attempts to minimize bias using systematic and explicit methods to identify, select, critically(More)
BACKGROUND Oral health is important both for well-being and successful elite sporting performance. Reports from Olympic Games have found significant treatment needs; however, few studies have examined oral health directly. The aim of this study was to evaluate oral health, the determinants of oral health and the effect of oral health on well-being, training(More)
BACKGROUND We aimed to systematically review the epidemiology of oral disease and trauma in the elite athlete population and to investigate the impact of oral health on sporting performance. METHODS Authors searched Ovid MEDLINE (1950 to October 2013), Ovid EMBASE (1980 to October 2013), EBSCO SPORTDiscus (up to October 2013) and OpenGrey(More)
While the research base is limited, studies have consistently reported poor oral health in elite athletes since the first report from the 1968 Olympic Games. The finding is consistent both across selected samples attending dental clinics at major competitions and more representative sampling of teams and has led to calls from the International Olympic(More)
BACKGROUND Poor oral health of hospitalized patients is associated with an increased risk of hospital-acquired infections and reduced life quality. OBJECTIVES To systematically review the evidence on oral health changes during hospitalization. DATA SOURCES Cochrane library, Medline, OldMedline, Embase and CINAHL without language restrictions. STUDY(More)
INTRODUCTION Previous research has suggested that deterioration in oral health can occur following hospitalisation. The impact of such deterioration could increase the risk of oral disease, reduce quality of life and increase the potential for healthcare-associated infections (HCAI) such as healthcare-associated pneumonia (HAP). However, the strength of the(More)
We thank Dr. Janket for the interest in our paper and for raising these issues. They speak to the need for a clear understanding of both meta-analysis and cumulative meta-analysis. We are grateful to the Editor for the opportunity to clarify some misunderstandings. It is important to realize that a cumulative and a conventional meta-analysis using the same(More)
BACKGROUND Self-reported outcome measures of athlete health, wellbeing and performance add information to that obtained from clinical measures. However valid, universally accepted outcome measures are required. OBJECTIVE To determine which athlete-reported outcome measures of performance have been used to measure the impact of injury and illness on(More)
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