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Hiccups generally are self-limiting and of short duration. Those lasting more than 48 h or recurring at frequent intervals are termed persistent. There are numerous causes of hiccups, with medications implicated only rarely. While hiccups are usually benign, severe attacks may lead to exhaustion, eating difficulties, and affect quality of life. We report a(More)
Structured interviews were carried out with 30 randomly selected general practitioners, to discover how they perceived and handled psychological problems in their patients. In addition, the doctors' perceptions and expectations of their professionals who might assist in the management of such problems were examined. Much of the previously published work was(More)
in which problem solving can be applied. Its strength is a systematic approach that demands standard products and consistent methods of working, which ensure high levels of ownership and accountability. The problem solving approach can also work within this framework. It provides techniques to assist in analysis and develops the tasking and coordinating(More)