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The existing Internet ecosystem is a result of decades of evolution. It has managed to scale well beyond the original aspirations. Evolution, though, highlighted a certain degree of inadequacies that is well documented. In this position paper we present the design considerations for a re-architected global networking architecture which delivers(More)
JetFile is a file system designed with multicast as its distribution mechanism. The goal is to support a large number of clients in an environment such as the Internet where hosts are attached to both high and low speed networks, sometimes over long distances. JetFile is designed for reduced reliance on servers by allowing client-to-client updates using(More)
We describe the ADIMUS architecture which addresses the problem of maintaining the subjective quality of multimedia streaming for a mobile user. In contrast to other works, the entire end-to-end path of the video stream is considered. Adaptation mechanisms for maintaining quality include time-critical handovers, overlay routing and network estimation(More)
Many bacterial pathogens produce extracellular proteases that degrade the extracellular matrix of the host and therefore are involved in disease pathogenesis. Dichelobacter nodosus is the causative agent of ovine footrot, a highly contagious disease that is characterized by the separation of the hoof from the underlying tissue. D. nodosus secretes three(More)
—This work considers the issue of distributing contents to vehicles through roadside communication infrastructure. Within this scenario, this work studies the dynamics of infrastructure deployment by using game theoretic tools. A strategic game is used to model the case in which the operators perform their deployment decisions concurrently, whereas an(More)
If quality of service could be provided at the transport or the application layer, then it might be deployed simply by software upgrades, instead of requiring a complete upgrade of the network infrastructure. In this paper, we propose a self-admission control scheme that does not require any network support or external monitoring schemes. We apply the(More)
Wireless connectivity is needed to bring IP-based telephony into serious competition with the existing cellular infrastructure. However it is well known that voice quality problems can occur when used with unlicensed spectrum technologies such as the popular IEEE 802.11 standards. The cellular infrastructure could provide alternative network access should(More)