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We investigate implementation techniques arising directly from Girard's Geometry of Interaction semantics for Linear Logic, specifically for a simple functional programming language (PCF). This gives rise to a very simple, compact, compilation schema and run-time system. We analyse various properties of this kind of computation that suggest substantial(More)
Interaction nets are graphical rewriting systems which can be used as either a high-level programming paradigm or a low-level implementation language. However, an operational semantics together with notions of strategy and normal form which are essential to reason about implementations, are not easy to formalize in this graphical framework. The purpose of(More)
Term rewriting systems provide a framework in which it is possible to specify and program in a traditional syntax (oriented equations). Interaction nets, on the other hand, provide a graphical syntax for the same purpose, but can be regarded as being closer to an implementation since the reduction process is local and asynchronous, and all the operations(More)