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OBJECTIVE To determine whether the apparent additional and exceptional stresses associated with bearing and parenting twins affect the emotional wellbeing of mothers. SETTING Great Britain, 1970-5. DESIGN Cohort study of 13,135 children born between 4 April and 11 April 1970. Mothers of all children, both singletons and twins, were interviewed by health(More)
A total population of pregnant women from Aberdeen City District 1967-1978 has been studied. There were 29 851 pregnancies and 6637 women had a first recorded pregnancy between 1967 and 1978 and had two or more pregnancy events. As expected the incidence of pre-eclampsia in a second pregnancy was less than that in a first pregnancy, but it was dependent on(More)
Hypertension and proteinuria in pregnancy may be the result of a number of different disorders with different etiologies and pathologic characteristics. As the causes of hypertension and proteinuria in pregnancy are largely unknown, a new clinical classification of the hypertensive disorders is proposed and is based solely on the physical signs of(More)