Ian M. Steiner

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Explicitly-Parallel Instruction Computing (EPIC) providesarchitectural features, including predication and explicitcontrol speculation, intended to enhance the compiler'sability to expose instruction-level parallelism (ILP) incontrol-intensive programs. Aggressive structural transformationsusing these features, though described in theliterature, have not(More)
The evolution of the Web as an enabling tool for e-business introduces a challenge to understanding the execution behavior of large-scale middleware systems, such as J2EE [2], and their commercial work-loads. This paper presents a brief description of the whole-stack analysis and optimization system – being developed at IBM Research – for commercial(More)
<i>While past studies with simple Java benchmarks like SPECjvm98 and SPECjbb2000 have been integral in advancing the industry, this paper illustrates some of the characteristics of a more complex and realistic 3-Tier J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition) commercial workload, SPECjAppServer2004.</i><i>In the course of this study, we both validate and disprove(More)
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