Ian M. Marshall

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An integrated Lifetime Health Record (LHR) is fundamental for achieving seamless and continuous access to patient medical information and for the continuum of care. However, the aim has not yet been fully realised. The efforts are actively progressing around the globe. Every stage of the development of the LHR initiatives had presented peculiar challenges.(More)
As part of its expanding role, particularly as an agent of peace building, the United Nations (UN) actively participates in the implementation of measures to prevent and manage crisis/disaster situations. The purpose of such an approach is to empower the victims, protect the environment, rebuild communities, and create employment. However, real world crisis(More)
ƒ Many levels of sense distinctions ƒ Homonymy: totally unrelated meanings (river bank, money bank) ƒ Polysemy: related meanings (star in sky, star on tv) ƒ Systematic polysemy: productive meaning extensions (organizations to their buildings) or metaphor ƒ Sense distinctions can be extremely subtle (or not) ƒ Granularity of senses needed depends a lot on(More)
We present the synthesis and structural characterization of a transition metal oxide hydride, LaSrCoO3H0.7, which adopts an unprecedented structure in which oxide chains are bridged by hydride anions to form a two-dimensional extended network. The metal centers are strongly coupled by their bonding with both oxide and hydride ligands to produce magnetic(More)
The high-fidelity reconstruction of compressed and low-resolution magnetic resonance (MR) data is essential for simultaneously improving patient care, accuracy in diagnosis and quality in clinical research. Sponsored by the Royal Society through the Newton Mobility Grant Scheme, we held a half-day workshop on reconstruction schemes for MR data on 17 August(More)
This paper presents an overview of the healthcare systems in Southeast Asia, with a focus on the healthcare informatics development and deployment in seven countries, namely, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, the Philippines and Vietnam. Brief geographic and demographic information is provided for each country, followed by a historical review(More)