Ian M. Hedgecock

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Atmospheric Hg monitoring is now occurring on a global scale for the first time. Mercury research priorities are identified and described. Modelling advances give insight into the deposition and biota concentration links. The current level of monitoring is inadequate for regulatory purposes. Knowledge of fundamental atmospheric Hg chemistry processes needs(More)
Centuries of anthropogenic releases have resulted in a global legacy of mercury (Hg) contamination. Here we use a global model to quantify the impact of uncertainty in Hg atmospheric emissions and cycling on anthropogenic enrichment and discuss implications for future Hg levels. The plausibility of sensitivity simulations is evaluated against multiple(More)
The properties of mesoscale geophysical turbulence in an oceanic environment have been investigated through the Lagrangian statistics of sea surface temperature measured by a drifting buoy within the Agulhas return current, where strong temperature mixing produces locally sharp temperature gradients. By disentangling the large-scale forcing which affects(More)
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