Ian M. Elders

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The next fifty years are likely to see great developments in the technologies deployed in electricity systems, with consequent changes in the structure and operation of power networks. An important motivation for this transformation will be the increasing development of renewable sources of energy, placing radically new demands on electricity systems. New(More)
This paper presents two methods for evaluating and optimizing the configuration of a distribution network. A new loss-optimization method is described which partitions, optimizes and then recombines the network topology to identify the lowest loss configurations available. A reliability evaluation method is presented which evaluates, on a load-by-load(More)
Increasing prevalence of dc sources and loads has resulted in dc distribution being reconsidered at a microgrid level. However, in comparison to ac systems, the lack of a natural zero crossing has traditionally meant that protecting dc systems is inherently more difficult—this protection issue is compounded when attempting to diagnose and isolate(More)
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