Ian M. C. Watson

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Cytotoxic enterotoxin of Aeromonas sobria was purified by affinity chromatography with monoclonal antibodies. The purified enterotoxin gave a single protein band in polyacrylamide gradient gel electrophoresis and its mol. wt estimated by this technique was 63,000; it had a pI of 6.2. The purified enterotoxin caused fluid accumulation in rat ileal loops and(More)
Of 69 fecal isolates of Aeromonas spp., 18 had the ability to invade HEp-2 cells. Invasiveness correlated with biotype; of the 18 invasive strains, 16 were A. sobria and 2 were A. hydrophila. No invasive strains were found among the A. caviae. Of the 18 invasive strains, 13 were enterotoxigenic. Of the enterotoxigenic and invasive strains, 12 were A.(More)
We report random laser action in a system where optical amplification is provided by colloidal quantum dots (CQDs). This system is obtained by depositing from solution CdSe/ZnS core-shell CQDs into rough micron-scale grooves fabricated on the surface of a glass substrate. The combination of CQD random packing and of disordered structures in the glass groove(More)
Silica (SiO2) is an important mineral present in atmospheric mineral dust particles, and the heterogeneous reaction of N2O5 on atmospheric aerosol is one of the major pathways to remove nitrogen oxides from the atmosphere. The heterogeneous reaction of N2O5 with SiO2 has only been investigated by two studies previously, and the reported uptake coefficients(More)
Monte Carlo simulations of anomalous ion channeling in near-lattice-matched AlInN/GaN bilayers allow an accurate determination of the strain state of AlInN by Rutherford backscattering or channeling. Although these strain estimates agree well with x-ray diffraction (XRD) results, XRD composition estimates are shown to have limited accuracy, due to a(More)
Much recent research on acoustic cues for consonants' places of articulation has focused upon the nature of the rapid spectral changes that take place between signal portions corresponding to consonantal closure and adjacent vowels. The study reported here builds on the foundation laid by earlier studies that have explored techniques for representing(More)
The heterogeneous interactions of gas molecules on solid particles are crucial in many areas of science, engineering and technology. Such interactions play a critical role in atmospheric chemistry and in heterogeneous catalysis, a key technology in the energy and chemical industries. Investigating heterogeneous interactions upon single levitated particles(More)
New complexes containing N-heterocyclic vinylene-stabilized [B2H5]+ fragments were prepared, and surprisingly it was found that the precursor N-heterocyclic olefins (NHOs) could promote the mild (room temperature) catalytic hydroborylation of ketones and aldehydes. This finding represents an important addition to the burgeoning field of non-metal mediated(More)
Emission dynamics of two InGaN/GaN single quantum well red emitters were investigated through timeresolved photoluminescence (PL) spectroscopy. A clear phase separation, where a higher energy (blue) emission and a lower energy (red) emission appear simultaneously, was observed. The maximum position of blue emission is consistent with the bandgap value of(More)