Ian M. C. Fleming

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Establishment of the early genetic code likely required strategies to ensure translational accuracy and inevitably involved tRNA post-transcriptional modifications. One such modification, wybutosine/wyosine is crucial for translational fidelity in Archaea and Eukarya; yet it does not occur in Bacteria and has never been described in mitochondria. Here, we(More)
Analysis of the Escherichia coli transcriptome identified a unique subset of messenger RNAs (mRNAs) that contain a conventional untranslated leader and Shine-Dalgarno (SD) sequence upstream of the gene's start codon while also containing an AUG triplet at the mRNA's 5'- terminus (5'-uAUG). Fusion of the coding sequence specified by the 5'-terminal putative(More)
Most eukaryotic ribosomes contain 26/28S, 5S, and 5.8S large subunit ribosomal RNAs (LSU rRNAs) in addition to the 18S rRNA of the small subunit (SSU rRNA). However, in kinetoplastids, a group of organisms that include medically important members of the genus Trypanosoma and Leishmania, the 26/28S large subunit ribosomal RNA is uniquely composed of 6 rRNA(More)
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