Ian Lizarraga

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We consider a Kuramoto model of coupled oscillators that includes quenched random interactions of the type used by van Hemmen in his model of spin glasses. The phase diagram is obtained analytically for the case of zero noise and a Lorentzian distribution of the oscillators' natural frequencies. Depending on the size of the attractive and random coupling(More)
A camera is a device for compressing rich information about the visual appearance of the three-dimensional world into a two-dimensional image. This process is inherently lossy: given an image, we can make educated guesses about the world's shape and appearance, but there is not enough information for our guesses to be certain. However, if we take several(More)
We consider the secular-perturbation expansion of the classical Hamiltonian equations of motion for three mutually gravitating bodies, and we use the formalism to study the dy-namical evolution of hierarchical three-body systems to octupole-level accuracy. Our study is partly motivated by recent observations of exoplanetary systems, which may include two(More)
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