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Metabotropic glutamate receptor 5 (mGluR5) can modulate synaptic transmission by increasing intracellular Ca2+ and it plays a role in several forms of synaptic plasticity. We have constructed a fusion of human mGluR5 and green fluorescent protein (mGluR5-GFP). Expression of mGluR5-GFP in clonal cell lines yielded a functional fluorescent receptor with(More)
The efficient approximate extension of a 2D integral equation formulation to 3D for the case of indoor propagation modelling is investigated. The method is based on the volume electric field integral equation discretised by the Method of Moments. Numerical results are presented which demonstrate the improved computational efficiency of the method when(More)
  • Ian Kavanagh
  • IEEE EUROCON 2015 - International Conference on…
  • 2015
This paper presents initial efforts to develop a full-wave propagation model for indoor electromagnetic wave propagation based on the Volume Electric Field Integral Equation which when discretised by the Method of Moments results in a linear system whose iterative solution can be expedited through use of the FFT. Although the formulation requires the(More)
A hybrid model for the efficient and accurate computation of 3D indoor propagation is presented. The model is based on the volume electric field integral equation. Two 2D simulations with 3D components are performed and their results averaged to produce an accurate approximation for the total electric field. Numerical results are presented demonstrating the(More)
We implemented a method to improve the accuracy of a genetic program (GP) for classifying an epistatic data population by limiting the number of population features passed to the GP. An epistatic population was generated and used, where the correct combination of “true” features was necessary in order to correctly classify each member of the population. Our(More)
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