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The fact that the shelter created by windbreaks can have a significant, positive effect on crop production is supported by eight decades of research from many countries around the world. Although the concept of planting windbreaks to enhance crop production has general currency in Australia, the practice is not as wide as it could be. This review of the(More)
The mating system, patterns of pollen mediated gene flow and levels of genetic contamination were investigated in a planted stand of Acacia saligna subsp. saligna via paternity analysis using microsatellite markers. High levels of outcrossing were detected within the stand (t m = 0.98), and the average pollen dispersal distance was 37 m with the majority of(More)
In Australia, tree planting has been widely promoted to alleviate dryland salinity and one proposed planting configuration is that of strategically placed interception belts. We conducted an experiment to determine the effect of tree position in a belt on transpiration rate. We also assessed how much the effect of tree position can be explained by advection(More)
Subspecific taxa of species complexes can display cryptic morphological variation, and individuals and populations can often be difficult to identify with certainty. However, accurate population identification is required for comprehensive conservation and breeding strategies and for studies of invasiveness and gene flow. Using five informative(More)
As part of a study on growth of tree roots in hostile soil, we envisaged that establishment and survival of trees on hard, dry soil may depend on their ability to exert axial root growth pressures of similar magnitude to those of the roots of agricultural plants (with significant root thickening when roots grow across an air gap or cracks and biopores). We(More)
Woody perennials can be difficult to establish on harsh soils in arid and semi-arid regions. Historically, technological advances have focussed on methods to improve transplanting and direct-seeding but the available information on these advances remains fragmented and the edaphic factors have been largely ignored. This review explores the literature on(More)
Many countries are confronting climate change that threatens agricultural production and farmers' lives. Farmers' perceived risks of climate change and factors influencing those perceived risks are critical to their adaptive behavior and well-planned adaptation strategies. However, there is limited understanding of these issues. In this paper, we attempt to(More)
seedlings and unthinned saplings were significantly lower for predawn measurements than unstressed and th inned treatments (Table 1). Midday potentials wefe also signif icantl y lower for stressed seedl ings in the laboratory but not for unthlnned saplings in the field . Soil moisture potentials were also significantly lower In unthinned plots (Table 1).(More)
Heat-pulse techniques are routinely used to estimate transpiration from canopies of woody plants typically without any local calibration, mainly because of the difficulty of doing so in the field and, frequently, lack of detailed weather data. This is despite concerns that the techniques may produce erroneous values under certain conditions, such as when(More)
Community forestry in Nepal is an example of a successful participatory forest management program. Developments in community forestry in four decades have focused on the social and governance aspects with little focus on the technical management of forests. This paper presents a silviculture description of community forests and provides silviculture(More)