Ian Jock F Anderson

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Twenty-four patients who had an osteochondral fracture of the dome of the talus were examined by plain radiography, magnetic resonance imaging, computerized tomography, and, when indicated, scintigraphy. When plain radiographs of the ankle are relied on for the diagnosis of an osteochondral fracture of the talus, many lesions remain undiagnosed. Stage-I(More)
Clofazimine, at concentrations within the therapeutic range (0.01-5 micrograms/ml), stimulated human polymorphonuclear leucocytes (PMNL) to generate increased amounts of reactive oxidants (RO) when activated with the tripeptide leucoattractant N-formyl-L-methionyl-L-leucyl-L-phenylalanine (FMLP), calcium ionophore, phorbol myristate acetate and opsonised(More)
Apparent regeneration of the tendons of the semitendinosus and gracilis muscles after their use for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction was noted during routine follow-up of 225 patients. From this group, four patients were selected for thorough examination, including magnetic resonance imaging, electromyographic studies, strength testing, and(More)
Imaging should only be undertaken if it is likely to influence patient management. The dose of ionising radiation to the patient should be considered. Requesting the appropriate imaging method requires an understanding of the pathological process. Plain x-ray should still generally be the first imaging technique; exceptions include some forms of superficial(More)
Ophthalmic examinations and selected tests of visual function were performed on 64 patients with rheumatoid arthritis who had received daily doses of 200 mg chloroquine sulphate for periods ranging from 3 to 11 months. Visual fields were determined by Humphrey automated perimetry and Amsler grids and a further battery of four tests of macular function(More)
Performing classical ballet may cause major stress to the feet of the dancer. A variety of foot injuries have been described, with one such injury being an overuse syndrome involving the base of the second metatarsal and adjacent Lisfranc's joint. The diagnosis for this syndrome usually requires differentiating synovitis of Lisfranc's joint from a stress(More)
An 18 year old male suffered plastic bowing of both forearm bones following an industrial accident in which his forearm was caught by an electric hoist. Plastic bowing of both the radius and ulna occurred. This deformity, usually seen in children, was produced by an unusual set of circumstances, with a transverse force being applied for a considerable time.(More)
This study was undertaken to investigate the antirheumatic activity of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug benoxaprofen. Ten patients with definite or classic rheumatoid arthritis were assessed before beginning drug therapy, using standard clinical criteria and serological tests of disease activity. These tests were repeated monthly during treatment(More)
An echocardiographic study of 44 patients with active rheumatoid arthritis was carried out by means of a Picker ultrasonic laminograph. A posterior pericardial effusion was found in 14 patients (32%) and pericardial thickening in 5 (11%). The maximum amplitude of the anterior cusp of the mitral valve was reduced in 18 patients, and the diastolic (EF) slope(More)