Ian Jeffrey

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—A scattering model based on a Monte Carlo method and the finite-volume time-domain (FVTD) method has been created for sea ice scattering simulations. Statistical methods were used to generate a Gaussian-distributed randomly rough surface. The Polder–Van Santen–de Loor (PVD) model was used to estimate the sea ice dielectric values with inputs based upon(More)
In an investigation of the relationship between storage mites and symptoms of allergic respiratory disease in farmers exposed to hay and grain dust, the clinical responses suggested an immediate type-I hypersensitivity. This study confirmed that farmers are exposed to large numbers of mites, particularly while feeding cattle. Storage mites may be an(More)
of the approximations being made in each algorithm and allows a direct comparison. This derivation brings out the similarities of the two techniques which are hidden by the traditional formulations based on physical scattering models. The comparison shows that the approximations required to derive each technique from the integral equation formulation of the(More)
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