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1. Bennington JL, Kradjian RM. Sites of metastases a autopsy in 523 cases of renal cell carcinoma. In: Bennington JL, Kradjian RM (eds). Renal Carcinoma. Philadelphia, PA: WB Saunders, 1967; 156–69. 2. McNichols DW, Segura JW, DeWeerd JH. Renal cell carcinoma: longterm survival and late recurrence. J. Urol. 1981; 126: 17–23. 3. Linn JF, Fichtner J, Voges G,(More)
Severe laryngeal trauma is rare in the civilian environment and requires appropriate and timely surgical intervention. We report a case from Sydney, Australia, which was managed with open reduction and internal fixation of the larynx with resorbable plates. The use of resorbable plates for operative fixation of the larynx has rarely been reported in(More)
Introduction. De novo pleomorphic adenomas in the parapharyngeal space are rare and cause difficulties in its surgical management. We report the largest de novo pleomorphic adenoma arising from the parapharyngeal space and discuss its surgical management. Presentation of Case. A 34-year-old male presented with a giant de novo pleomorphic adenoma arising(More)
Introduction. Congenital nasopharyngeal teratomas are rare tumours that pose difficulties in diagnosis and surgical management. We report the first use of radiofrequency coblation in the management of such tumours. Case Report. A premature baby with a perinatal diagnosis of a large, obstructing nasooropharyngeal mass was referred to the ENT service for(More)
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