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An in-situ cell for characterization of solids by soft X-ray absorption
LBNL-55344 An in-situ cell for characterization of solids by soft X-ray absorption Running Title: In-Situ cell for soft X-ray absorption Ian J. Drake, a) Teris C.N. Liu, a,b) Mary Gilles, c) TolekExpand
The local environment of Cu+ in Cu-Y zeolite and its relationship to the synthesis of dimethyl carbonate.
It is concluded that only those copper cations present in site II and III' positions are accessible to the reactants, and hence are catalytically active. Expand
An in situ Al K-edge XAS investigation of the local environment of H+- and Cu+-exchanged USY and ZSM-5 zeolites.
These observations confirmed the hypothesis that the interaction of water with Brønsted acid protons can lead to octahedral coordination of Al without loss of Al from the zeolite lattice. Expand
Liquid-phase oxidation of alkylaromatics by a H-atom transfer mechanism with a new heterogeneous CoSBA-15 catalyst.
A new pseudo-tetrahedral Co(II) complex has been grafted onto the surface of SBA-15 and successfully utilized for the catalytic oxidization of alkylaromatic substrates with tert-butyl hydroperoxideExpand
Synthesis of dimethyl carbonate and dimethoxy methane over Cu-ZSM-5
Abstract An investigation was carried out of the oxidative carbonylation of methanol to dimethyl carbonate over Cu-ZSM-5. The catalyst was prepared by solid-state ion exchange of H-ZSM-5 with CuClExpand
Atomic level control over surface species via a molecular precursor approach: isolated Cu(I) sites and Cu nanoparticles supported on mesoporous silica.
A nonaqueous molecular precursor grafting approach was employed for the generation of well-defined surface structures featuring Cu on a mesoporous silica support, resulting in isolated species with most of the original Cu-O-Cu linkages intact, but in a more relaxed straight chain form. Expand
Dimethyl carbonate production via the oxidative carbonylation of methanol over Cu/SiO2 catalysts prepared via molecular precursor grafting and chemical vapor deposition approaches
The influence of catalyst synthesis method and Cu source on the activity and selectivity of Cu/SiO2 catalysts for the gas-phase oxidative carbonylation of methanol to dimethyl carbonate (DMC) isExpand
Pickering-Emulsion-Templated Encapsulation of a Hydrophilic Amine and Its Enhanced Stability Using Poly(allyl amine)
Efficient encapsulation of tetraethylenepentamine (TEPA), as an example aliphatic amine, was achieved by an emulsion-templated, in situ polymerization. Hydrophobically modified clay nanoplateletsExpand
Characterization of Cu-ZSM-5 Prepared by Solid-State Ion Exchange of H-ZSM-5 with CuCl
The solid-state ion exchange (SSIE) of H-ZSM-5 by CuCl vapor was investigated with the objective of establishing the effects of the temperature at which exchange is carried out on the level of protonExpand
Effects of Precursor Composition on the Local Structure of Cu Dispersed on Mesoporous Silica: A Detailed X-ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study
A low-temperature grafting approach using two CuI molecular precursors ([CuOSi(OtBu)3]4 and [CuOtBu]4) and a high-temperature exchange reaction using CuCl were utilized with a mesoporous silicaExpand