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Towards a Theory of Mathematical Argument
In this paper, I assume, perhaps controversially, that translation into a language of formal logic is not the method by which mathematicians assess mathematical reasoning. Expand
On Images as Evidence and Arguments
  • Ian J. Dove
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • Topical Themes in Argumentation Theory
  • 2012
In assessing argumentation, the truth of some claim is verified, corroborated or refuted by some visual means. Expand
Using critical questions to evaluate written and oral arguments in an undergraduate general education seminar: a quasi-experimental study
Although the Toulmin model (1958) has dominated argumentation research, it does not provide many tools for evaluating argument quality. Towards that end, we draw on work in philosophy on argumentExpand
Visual analogies and arguments
In this paper, I start (§2) by quickly sketching and applying a similarity account to several easy, non-visual examples. Expand
On Appeals to (Visual) Models
In some visual cases, especially those in which one reasons from a visual model to a conclusion, it is tempting to think that some new normative base, perhaps a visual logic is in order. I show that,Expand
The Argument of Mathematics
Written by experts in the field, this volume presents a comprehensive investigation into the relationship between argumentation theory and the philosophy of mathematical practice. ArgumentationExpand
Can pictures prove
Although historically diagrams have played an influential role in the development of mathematics, for the last hundred years or so, diagrams have been knocked out of their previously importantExpand
Argument schemes—an epistemological approach
The paper develops a classificatory system of basic argument types on the basis of the epis- temological approach to argumentation. This approach has provided strict rules for several kinds of argu-Expand