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OBJECTIVES To discover whether post-combat syndromes have existed after modern wars and what relation they bear to each other. DESIGN Review of medical and military records of servicemen and cluster analysis of symptoms. DATA SOURCES Records for 1856 veterans randomly selected from war pension files awarded from 1872 and from the Medical Assessment(More)
OBJECTIVES To examine the prevalence of psychiatric disorders in veterans of the Gulf war with or without unexplained physical disability (a proxy measure of ill health) and in similarly disabled veterans who had not been deployed to the Gulf war (non-Gulf veterans). DESIGN Two phase cohort study. SETTING Current and ex-service UK military personnel. (More)
BACKGROUND It has been argued that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a timeless condition, which existed before it was codified in modern diagnostic classifications but was described by different names such as 'railway spine' and 'shellshock'. Others have suggested that PTSD is a novel presentation that has resulted from a modern interaction between(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the outcome of compliance of advice sent to patients and dentists about monitoring tooth wear in general practice. METHOD Postal questionnaires were sent to 70 patients and their dentists requesting information on the outcome of letters of advice sent to general dental practitioners regarding monitoring tooth wear with study casts.(More)
BACKGROUND War pensions are used to examine different models of psychological understanding. The First World War is said to have been the first conflict for which pensions were widely granted for psychological disorders as distinct from functional, somatic syndromes. In 1939 official attitudes hardened and it is commonly stated that few pensions were(More)
This paper investigates the integration of Artificial Intelligence techniques into video games, from the perspective of voice controlled adventure games. Speech-based interfaces would add new dimensions to the control of video games. However, the integration of speech raises several issues, such as the adequate level of interpretation that should be carried(More)
This study seeks to investigate the mortality rates of U.K. servicemen with postcombat syndromes following the Boer War and World War I. Random samples of veterans awarded war pensions for either disordered action of the heart (DAH) or neurasthenia/shellshock were compared with gunshot wounded ex-servicemen as controls. The destruction of pension records(More)