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This paper investigates the integration of Artificial Intelligence techniques into video games, from the perspective of voice controlled adventure games. Speech-based interfaces would add new dimensions to the control of video games. However, the integration of speech raises several issues, such as the adequate level of interpretation that should be carried(More)
Computer-aided geometric design is an area where the improvement of surface generation techniques is an everlasting demand, since faster and more accurate geometric models are required. Traditional methods for generating surfaces were initially mainly based upon interpolation algorithms. Recently, partial differential equations (PDE) were introduced as a(More)
In this paper we present the Virtual Park (or VPARK) system. This includes a Networked Virtual Environment (NVE) System, called W-VLNET (Windows Virtual Life Network) and an Attraction Building System, able to create and modify attractions used in the NVE System. Both systems have been developed in the Windows NT Operating System (OS). The paper details the(More)
In this paper we describe a fully implemented system for speech and natural language control of 3D animation and computer games. The experimental framework has features that have been emulated from the popular DOOM™ computer game. It implements an integrated parser based on a linguistic formalism tailored to the processing of the specific natural language(More)
We propose a new dynamic simulation scheme for large-scale flood hazard modelling and prevention. The approach consists of a number of core parts: digital terrain modelling with GIS data, Nona-tree space partitions (NTSP), automatic river object recognition and registration, and a flood spreading model. The digital terrain modelling method allows the(More)