Ian J Hewitt

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With the discovery of the phenomenon of single-molecule magnetism, coordination chemists have turned their attention to synthesizing cluster aggregates of paramagnetic ions. This has led to a plethora of coordination clusters with various topologies and diverse magnetic properties. In this paper, we present ways of describing and understanding such(More)
Dysprosium triangles showing Single Molecule Magnet behaviour of thermally excited spin states,Angew. Iron(II) formate [Fe(O 2 CH) 2 ] • ⅓(HCO 2 H): a mesoporous Magnet. The solvothermal syntheses and crystal structures of the isomorphous framework metal(II) formates [M(O 2 CH) 2 ] • n(solvent) The " building-block " assembly of a [Ni 12 Mn 6 ] aggregate,(More)
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