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Experimental acidification of a small lake from an original pH value of 6.8 to 5.0 over an 8-year period caused a number of dramatic changes in the lake's food web. Changes in phytoplankton species, cessation of fish reproduction, disappearance of the benthic crustaceans, and appearance of filamentous algae in the littoral zone were consistent with(More)
List of Figures Figure 1 Sampling gear for lakes and streams a: Kick net b: Activity trap c: Ekman grab d: Sieve bag for Ekman samples e: Vertical tow net (i) Figure 2 Example of a typical catchment showing the drainage divide and stream-order analysis, using the Strahler (1964) system. Figure 3 Sketch of a sample stream reach indicating channel and(More)
The promoter of the gua operon has been located by transcript mapping using primer extension with reverse transcriptase. The surrounding nucleotide sequence has features characteristic of promoters under stringent and growth-rate-dependent regulation, namely a GC-rich discriminator next to the -10 hexamer, an upstream AT-rich sequence (the UP element) and(More)
The purpose of these experiments was to evaluate the potential for interaction between 2-hydroxyestrone and 2-hydroxyestradiol and estrogen receptors in rat pituitary and anterior hypothalamus. The 150,000 X g supernatant fractions of these tissues were prepared, the estrogen receptor-site concentration was measured, and the relative abilities of unlabelled(More)
Zinc is an essential trace element. Previous methods of measuring zinc in clinical material have been difficult and reported findings must be treated with caution. Using atomic absorption spectroscopy it has been established that plasma zinc is one of the most uniform biochemical characteristics of normal adult blood. Sex and age differences in adult life(More)