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This paper describes the University of Cambridge, Engineering Design Centre's (EDC) case for inclusive design, based on 10 years of research, promotion and knowledge transfer. In summary, inclusive design applies an understanding of customer diversity to inform decisions throughout the development process, in order to better satisfy the needs of more(More)
TheAlloy have been working together with British Telecom (BT), as their product design consultants, for over ten years. During that time BT have undergone a key transformation which has had a profound impact on their design focus. This transformation has seen BT actively embrace inclusive design as a core driver for their business objectives. As part of(More)
AIMS Assess patients' preferences in a pilot crossover study of two different electronic voiding diaries against a standard paper diary. Assess urological health professional (HP) opinions on the electronic bladder diary reporting system. METHODS Two different electronic diaries were developed: (1) electronically read diary-a card with predefined slots(More)
INTRODUCTION The emergency physician in charge role has developed in many large EDs to assist with patient flow. We aimed to describe and classify the problem-solving actions that this role requires. METHODS We interviewed senior emergency physicians and performed iterative, qualitative observations, using continuous reflective inquiry, in a single(More)
Dignity is a key value within healthcare. Technology is also recognized as being a fundamental part of healthcare delivery, but also a potential cause of dehumanization of the patient. Therefore, understanding how medical devices can be designed to help deliver dignity is important. This paper explores the role of empathy tools as a way of engendering(More)
Inclusive design has unique challenges because it aims to improve usability for a wide range of users. This typically includes people with lower levels of ability, as well as mainstream users. This paper examines the effectiveness of two methods that are used in inclusive design: user trials and exclusion calculations (an inclusive design inspection(More)
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