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Interservice Rivalry and Airpower in the Vietnam War
Abstract : The primary objectives of this study are to establish the nature and levels of rivalry and dispute between the United States armed services over matters relating to the militaryExpand
‘A fundamental weapon’: the transatlantic air power controversy of the early 1920s and the US Navy as a learning organisation
In the period following the First World War, air power theorists argued a future war would be decided from the air. Bombing aircraft would fly with impunity over an enemy’s territory and so disruptExpand
The development of airpower roles and missions in the First World War "Biggles" stories of Captain W.E. Johns
While not an uncommon image in the popular culture of the inter-war period, the choice of that of a fighter pilot for Captain W.E. Johns’s fictional aviation hero ‘Biggles’ is perhaps a littleExpand
‘The fourth dimension of warfare: Early techno-thriller fiction and the manned bomber vs. missile controversy of the early 1960s’
The revolution that began with the Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk in 1903 liberated man from the surface of the earth, where he had been confined for his entire existence. It also enabled him toExpand
Bootstrapping the Battle of Britain
The Battle of Britain is the focus of much historical controversy. We show here how the statistical technique of weighted bootstrapping can be used to create a new quantitative basis to help addressExpand