Ian Heath

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The Computer Science group forms an increasing proportion of the department , consisting of over twenty academic staff, including two professors. Its research covers a wide variety of (overlapping) areas including: Imaging and Computer Vision, with particular reference to image understanding using IKBS techniques for the extraction of features from a(More)
This paper examines open hypermedia systems, and presents the case that such systems provide a step forward for dealing with large, dynamic data sets in distributed, heterogeneous environments by allowing users to access and integrate information and processes in richer and more diverse ways than has previously been possible. In particular, the enhanced(More)
As the amount of information technology increases, managing information resources, so that the correct people can find the information easily, becomes a critical issue. Hypermedia systems are considered one solution to this problem as they provide a means for representing higher level relationships between the underlying information. However, the amount of(More)
Staphylococcus aureus bacteraemia (SAB) is commonly complicated by metastatic infection or relapse after treatment. Objectives. The study aim was to determine the role of bacterial, host, and management factors in development of complicated SAB. Methods. A prospectively-conducted observational study gathered data on predisposition, management and outcome of(More)
The requirement for industrial strength hypermedia is well known [5]. If hypermedia is to be used in such an environment, then a great deal of work is required in integrating with the factory practices. This means any proposed model must be simple to maintain and implement whilst providing a real benefit for the organization as a whole. This technical(More)
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