Ian Harris

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—There is a growing interest in software summariza-tion and tools for automatically producing summaries. Discussions of relevant papers at recent conferences led to the observation that software summarization needs to consider migrating away from " is this a good summary? " and towards " is this a useful summary? " As a result, it has been suggested that to(More)
BACKGROUND There is little scientific evidence to support the usual practice of providing outpatient rehabilitation to patients undergoing total knee replacement surgery (TKR) immediately after discharge from the orthopaedic ward. It is hypothesised that the lack of clinical benefit is due to the low exercise intensity tolerated at this time, with patients(More)
BACKGROUND Sciatica is a type of neuropathic pain that is characterised by pain radiating into the leg. It is often accompanied by low back pain and neurological deficits in the lower limb. While this condition may cause significant suffering for the individual, the lack of evidence supporting effective treatments for sciatica makes clinical management(More)
A relatively high incidence of p values immediately below 0.05 (such as 0.047 or 0.04) compared to p values immediately above 0.05 (such as 0.051 or 0.06) has been noticed anecdotally in published medical abstracts. If p values immediately below 0.05 are over-represented, such a distribution may reflect the true underlying distribution of p values or may be(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I wish to thank Prof. C. M. Krishna for his invaluable guidance and his patience in helping me shape this work at each step. I thank him dearly for providing me an opportunity to work with him. I have learnt immensely from his lectures and our numerous discussions. I consider myself fortunate in having him as my student advisor. I wish to(More)
Globally asynchronous locally synchronous (GALS) clocking applied to a system-on-a-chip (SoC) results in a design in which each core is a synchronous block (SB) of logic whose locally generated clock has an independent frequency and phase. Data is exchanged between cores using an asynchronous communication protocol. The nondeterministic synchronization(More)
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