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avelength-division multiplexing (WDM) is currently being deployed in telecommunications networks in order to satisfy the increased demand for capacity brought about by both narrowband services and new broadband services such as high-speed Internet. While it is thought that WDM will ultimately evolve to interconnected rings or perhaps a mesh network, the(More)
Since aberrant miRNA expression has been implicated in numerous brain diseases, we studied miRNA expression and miRNA regulation of important signaling pathways during temporal lobe epileptogenesis in order to identify possible targets for epilepsy therapy. The temporal profile of miRNA expression was analyzed in three brain regions (CA1; dentate gyrus, DG;(More)
In this study, the oestrogen agonist/antagonist action of 4-hydroxytamoxifen (OHT; 1 x 10(-6) M) and 17beta-oestradiol (E(2); 1 x 10(-8) M) were assessed on the oestrogen receptor (ER)-positive epithelial cell line (Ishikawa) with respect to cell proliferation, and to gene and protein expression. qRT-PCR and western blotting confirmed that Ishikawa cells(More)
— An analysis of the sending rate of TCP control over Terabit per second rate links illustrates how future optical network characteristics, such as higher bitrates, network congestion, and larger data loads, would affect performance. We have implemented a model to allow increased sending rate for TCP. It is shown that even if the network bitrate is higher(More)
IPTV services are the fastest growing television services in the world today. This is a bandwidth intensive service, requiring low latency and tight control of jitter. To guarantee the quality of service required, service providers opt to multicast all TV channels at all times to everywhere. However, a significant number of channels are rarely watched, so(More)
We present a local area sub-network design avoiding optical buffering, bit level synchronization and regeneration. Using currently available components we calculate acceptable utilisation when scalability is limited to local, system, storage and desk area networks. The architecture draws upon well-understood computer networking concepts, and uses wavelength(More)
— A testbed is described which allows both physical layer errors to be observed and analysed, as well as monitoring network performance via frame loss. Real network traffic loads can be used for testing, so that all measurements taken are representative of what would be seen in a deployed system. We illustrate our testbed with an examination of the(More)
— A physical layer coding scheme is designed to make optimal use of the available physical link, providing functionality to higher components in the network stack. This paper presents results of an exploration of the errors observed when an optical Gigabit Ethernet link is subject to attenuation. The results show that some data symbols suffer from a far(More)