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The design of a practical instrument for measurement of the value of the pre-ejection period (p.e.p.) of the cardiac cycle in real time is presented. This arrangement has the capability of determining the p.e.p. in the presence of relatively large amounts of biological-origin noise. A commercial Doppler ultrasound technique is used to obtain the(More)
OBJECTIVES Our aim was to conduct a national audit assessing the impact and experience of early management of inflammatory arthritis by English and Welsh rheumatology units. The audit enables rheumatology services to measure for the first time their performance, patient outcomes and experience, benchmarked to regional and national comparators. METHODS All(More)
An on-line computer programme is described and illustrated which is capable of displaying graphically in the form of Woolsey-type figurine charts stimulation-induced responses obtained during stereotactic surgery. Not only can these data then be optimally utilized for lesion localization but also the programme includes facilities for a variety of types of(More)
The first national audit for rheumatoid and early inflammatory arthritis has benchmarked care for the first 3 months of follow-up activity from first presentation to a rheumatology service. Access to care, management of early rheumatoid arthritis and support for self care were measured against National Institute for Health and Care Excellence quality(More)
A new fetal parameter, the arterial pulse time, is described. It is the time from the onset of the fetal electrocardiographic recording to the arrival of the arterial pulse wave recorded at the fetal head. Since arterial pulse time differs from the pre-ejection period by only an apparently constant value, it is proposed as a potential method for obtaining(More)