Ian Guymer

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An in-stream removal experiment has been carried out in Red Beck, a small stream which receives effluent from Shibden Head Sewage Treatment Works. This trickling filter works serves a purely domestic population of 9408 but is scheduled to be closed, and the flows diverted to another works, as part of Yorkshire Water's continuing capital investment(More)
Evaluation of longitudinal mixing processes in open channel flows is important in environmental management, requiring the quantification of mixing coefficients. Estimates of these coefficients sufficiently accurate for environmental impact assessments cannot be achieved using current theoretical or semi-empirical methods for natural channels. This(More)
The longitudinal dispersion coefficient is used to describe the change in characteristics of a solute cloud, as it travels along the longitudinal axis of a pipe. Taylor [1954] proposed a now classical expression to predict the longitudinal dispersion coefficient within turbulent pipe flow. However, experimental work has shown significant deviation from his(More)
Solute transport processes occur within a wide range of water engineering structures, and urban drainage engineers increasingly rely on modelling tools to represent the transport of dissolved materials. The models take as input representative travel time and dispersion characteristics for key system components, and these generally have to be identified via(More)
A constructed wetland treatment system has been commissioned by BAA (formerly the British Airports Authority) in order to attenuate airfield runoff contaminated with de-icant and other potentially polluting materials from Heathrow Airport. Airfield runoff containing de-icants has the potential to impose significant oxygen demands on water bodies. The site(More)
Direct discharge of untreated sewage to surface waters is a common practice in many parts of the world. However, relatively little is known about the behaviour of synthetic organic pollutants under these conditions. This paper describes a sampling campaign designed to track changes in water quality in a surface water system in Vientiane (Lao PDR) receiving(More)
Longitudinal dispersion coefficient is a key variable for the description of the longitudinal transport in a river. In recent years, Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) have become popular and useful tools for environmental modellers as they are perceived to overcome some of the difficulties associated with traditional statistical approaches. In these(More)
This paper describes the continuation of an investigation into the effects of increased flow on the dissolved oxygen concentration in the River Maun, UK. A previous investigation indicated that an oxygen demand additional to that in the water phase is observed during and directly after intermittent discharges. Simplified modelling of the river indicated(More)
Results from previous solute tracer laboratory experiments across circular surcharged manhole structures by Guymer et al. have been used to optimise parameters within Hart's transient storage model (TSM). A surcharge threshold level for the model parameters is evident and this is explained in relation to jet theory. The ability to decompose the TSM is(More)
Combined sewer systems contain a large number of organic and inorganic pollutants from both domestic and industrial sources. These pollutants are often retained within the combined sewer system for significant lengths of time before entering sewage treatment works, or being spilt to a watercourse via a combined sewer overflow (CSO) during storm conditions.(More)