Ian Gibb

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BACKGROUND Sodium valproate is an anticonvulsant that is also one of the common treatments used for bipolar disorder. The present study was conducted in psychiatric patients with the aim of examining the effects of valproate on hematological parameters and to explore any association with sex and age. METHODS A list of all psychiatric patients who(More)
BACKGROUND Adults of South Asian origin living in the United Kingdom have high risks of type 2 diabetes and central obesity; raised circulating insulin, triglyceride, and C-reactive protein concentrations; and low HDL-cholesterol when compared with white Europeans. Adults of African-Caribbean origin living in the UK have smaller increases in type 2 diabetes(More)
BACKGROUND Regular laboratory test monitoring of patient parameters offers a route for improving the quality of chronic disease care. We evaluated the effects of brief educational messages attached to laboratory test reports on diabetes care. METHODS A programme of cluster randomised controlled trials was set in primary care practices in one primary care(More)
BACKGROUND Laboratory services have a central role in supporting screening, diagnosis, and management of patients. The increase in chronic disease management in primary care for conditions such as diabetes mellitus requires regular monitoring of patients' biochemical parameters. This process offers a route for improving the quality of care that patients(More)
Overall laboratory reproducibility for the Ames Seralyzer and plasma potassium test strips was less than 4% within the plasma reference range; and linearity extended from 2.1 to 10.2 mmol/l. Neither bilirubin nor lipaemia interfered in the analysis and selectivity for potassium over sodium was 450:1. Laboratory comparison with automated flame photometry and(More)
This paper draws on data from an ESRC funded research project on literacies in the context of further education in the UK. Taking a social view of reading and writing moves us away from seeing literacy (singular) as a universal set of transferable skills towards seeing literacies (plural) as emergent practices found in social settings. Taking a situated,(More)
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