Ian Gibb

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BACKGROUND Sodium valproate is an anticonvulsant that is also one of the common treatments used for bipolar disorder. The present study was conducted in psychiatric patients with the aim of examining the effects of valproate on hematological parameters and to explore any association with sex and age. METHODS A list of all psychiatric patients who(More)
BACKGROUND Little evidence exists on the role of socio-economic position (SEP) in early life on adult disease other than for cardiovascular mortality; data is often retrospective. We assess whether childhood SEP influences disease risk in mid-life, separately from the effect of adult position, and establish how associations vary across multiple measures of(More)
BACKGROUND Adults of South Asian origin living in the United Kingdom have high risks of type 2 diabetes and central obesity; raised circulating insulin, triglyceride, and C-reactive protein concentrations; and low HDL-cholesterol when compared with white Europeans. Adults of African-Caribbean origin living in the UK have smaller increases in type 2 diabetes(More)
We assessed the HemoCue system for measuring glucose in 5 microL of whole blood. A glucose dehydrogenase-based reaction is used with dried reagents contained in disposable microcuvettes, which are filled with blood by capillary action. Automated hexokinase and YSI 23AM glucose analyzer methods were used for comparison. Overall imprecision (CV) was better(More)
BACKGROUND Laboratory services have a central role in supporting screening, diagnosis, and management of patients. The increase in chronic disease management in primary care for conditions such as diabetes mellitus requires regular monitoring of patients' biochemical parameters. This process offers a route for improving the quality of care that patients(More)
The aim of this study was to assess the accuracy of placement of pelvic binders and to determine whether circumferential compression at the level of the greater trochanters is the best method of reducing a symphyseal diastasis. Patients were identified by a retrospective review of all pelvic radiographs performed at a military hospital over a period of 30(More)
BACKGROUND Regular laboratory test monitoring of patient parameters offers a route for improving the quality of chronic disease care. We evaluated the effects of brief educational messages attached to laboratory test reports on diabetes care. METHODS A programme of cluster randomised controlled trials was set in primary care practices in one primary care(More)