Ian G. Shuttleworth

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"Here we discuss, firstly, the limits of Census-based empiricism [in Northern Ireland] and the usually unacknowledged problems of data and interpretation which have resulted in a seriously misleading ¿conventional wisdom'. Secondly, we question its sectarian terms of reference, the over-identification of religion and politics, and misconceptions of(More)
We report on the application of a novel nondestructive in-vacuum technique for relative work function measurements, employing a grazing incidence electron deflection above a sample with a planar surface. Two deflected electron beam detectors are used as a position sensitive detector to control feedback to the sample potential as the sample work function(More)
"This paper analyses population change in the Belfast Urban Area (BUA) [of Northern Ireland] between 1971 and 1991 in its socio-economic context to understand the nature of urban social change. Although considering religious factors as a cause of population change, the research compares the BUA with other urban areas and relates developments in Belfast to(More)
Trends in emigration from Ireland over time are reviewed. "During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries overseas migration to the United States and seasonal harvest migration to Britain were the main types of movement, but over the past 100 years the Irish have developed a special affinity for settling in British towns. Although the outflow was halted(More)
The effect of strain on the CeNi5 system has been investigated using density functional theory (DFT). The studies have shown that localised Ce 4f and Ni 3d states carry the magnetic moment of the material. The Ce 4f moment remains relatively unchanged during strain whereas the Ni 3d moment increases as the strain becomes increasingly tensile in both the(More)
Up-to-date and accurate recordings of patient address are important in health services delivery, particularly for screening, immunisation and needs assessment of areas. Patients who change address are at greater risk of having an out-dated address registered with a health professional, which in turn can have a negative impact on their access to services and(More)
Address information from health service professionals is already important for the delivery of health care and population monitoring and screening. It is also important for statistical purposes such as the estimation of migration and small area populations and its importance could increase as the decade progresses and alternatives are sought to the(More)
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