Ian G. Anderson

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Indigenous Australians suffer the highest mortality and morbidity rates of any ethnic minority in the developed world. To determine if the health outcome gulf between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians also applied to seizures, we conducted a retrospective analysis of seizure hospitalization (1998-2004) based on ethnicity (indigenous (I) and(More)
—As the design processes in architectural practices switch toward entirely digital workflows, architects are gradually required, because of their legal and commercial liability, to provide for both a relatively long-term curation of their own digital products and the deposit of authoritative data. But, despite being the sole curation actors for their data,(More)
The redclaw freshwater crayfish Cherax quadricarinatus has a reputation for being hardy and resistant to handling stress. However, in recent years, possibly since 1996, C. quadricarinatus farmers in northern Queensland have noted a decrease in stress resistance in their stock. A presumptive reovirus in the hepatopancreas, and a putative parvovirus in the(More)
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