Ian Farrance

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The Evaluation of Measurement Data - Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (usually referred to as the GUM) provides general rules for evaluating and expressing uncertainty in measurement. When a measurand, y, is calculated from other measurements through a functional relationship, uncertainties in the input variables will propagate through(More)
There appears to be a growing debate with regard to the use of "Westgard style" total error and "GUM style" uncertainty in measurement. Some may argue that the two approaches are irreconcilable. The recent appearance of an article "Quality goals at the crossroads: growing, going, or gone" on the well-regarded Westgard Internet site requires some comment. In(More)
The Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (usually referred to as the GUM) provides the basic framework for evaluating uncertainty in measurement. The GUM however does not always provide clearly identifiable procedures suitable for medical laboratory applications, particularly when internal quality control (IQC) is used to derive most of the(More)
A number of commercial human and bovine albumin preparations were compared using seven assay procedures, to assess their suitability as reference materials for albumin and total protein assays. The results indicate that before a particular commercial albumin preparation can be used for standardisation purposes, its suitability should be checked in several(More)
The application of glucose point of care testing (PoCT) in hospitals has been a contentious subject for many years. No information is available regarding the extent to which glucose PoCT is used within the Australian hospital system and whether such testing is fit for its intended purpose. The aim of this study was to investigate the extent to which glucose(More)