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P045 Aggregated patient journeys and no-show rates of oximetry outreach network in east anglia
A distributed system of oximetry exchange facilities at outreach-clinics and GP surgeries without a ‘masterplan’ and results have confounded some predictions is re-evaluated using complex patient flow metrics and it is recalculated that the service could be better provided from 10 EF’s. Expand
Automating and utilising equal-distribution data classification
ABSTRACT Data classification, i.e. organising data items in groups (classes), is a general technique widely used in data visualisation and cartography, in particular, for creation of choropleth maps.Expand
P046 GP based oximetry as an initial diagnostic test for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA), outcomes
The authors' OSA pathway reduces travel for patients, as more than a third do not need to attend the hospital and offers considerable savings to the local health economy reducing the cost to diagnose a patient with significant OSA by almost a third. Expand