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Critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP) has long been an area of concern, from its beginnings with the creation of the Internet to recent high-profile distributed denial-of-service attacks against critical systems. Critical systems rely heavily on information infrastructures; a disruption of the information infrastructure can hinder the(More)
The importance of Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) cannot be overlooked, as many critical systems utilise information infrastructures in order to operate. However, should these information infrastructures be targeted by cyber attacks, it would severely affect the effectiveness of many of these critical systems. Attacks on information(More)
The development of a national critical information infrastructure protection (CIIP) structure is essential to safeguard critical systems from cyber attacks and other threats. As developing nations leverage Internet technologies, it is imperative that they develop their own national CIIP structures to ensure reliable operations, incident response and(More)
Providing Critical Information Infrastructure Protection (CIIP) has become an important focus area for countries across the world with the widespread adoption of computer systems and computer networks that handle and transfer large amounts of sensitive information on a daily basis. Most large organisations have their own security teams that provide some(More)
Mobile devices have created a situation where system-focused security may not be sufficient in an environment where security requirements can change depending on the location of a mobile device. The security on a network at a corporate company may be different in a boardroom, where sensitive information is discussed and acted upon, than at an employee's(More)
People are increasingly using different mobile devices for different personal and business applications and data. In order for users to transfer data from one device to another, potentially insecure cloud storage solutions are being used. This problem becomes more pronounced when people starts transferring corporate data between devices using potentially(More)
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