Ian E. Thomas

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Lexicon entry1: Data: The Lexical Access Problem consists of determining the intended sequence of words corresponding to an input sequence of phonemes (basic speech sounds) that come from a low-level phoneme recognizer. In this paper we present an information-theoretic approach based on the Minimum Message Length Criterion for solving the Lexical Access(More)
Three approaches to provide rib-periosteal or osteocutaneous composite tissue in maxillary or mandibular reconstruction are presented. All methods appear to be useful in replacing viable osteocytes and improving vascularity of maxillary or mandibular defects. Disadvantages include the bulk of the transplanted tissue, volume deficiency of bone, and the(More)
The enabling of scientific experiments that are embarrassingly parallel, long running and data-intensive into a cloud-based execution environment is a desirable, though complex undertaking for many researchers. The management of such virtual environments is cumbersome and not necessarily within the core skill set for scientists and engineers. We present(More)
INTRODUCTION A study was performed to assess the cost of a rapid molecular assay (PCR) for diagnosis of Clostridium difficile infection (CDI) and the impact of its routine use on patient length of stay (LOS) in comparison with cell culture cytotoxin neutralization assay (CCNA). METHODS From March 2011 to September 2011, Xpert(®) C. difficile (Cepheid,(More)
This paper presents a formal model for science clouds, capable of predicting and controlling resources scalably, as well as its implementation as an open source solution, called Chiminey. The feasibility of Chiminey is shown using case studies on biophysics and structural chemistry computations. Big data is acquired from scientific instruments such as(More)
Redundancy can improve the availability of components in service-oriented systems. However, predicting and quantifying the effects of different redundancy strategies can be a complex task. In our work, we have taken an architecture based approach to the modeling, predicting and monitoring of properties in distributed software systems.This paper proposes(More)